Junior Boss

Junior Boss is a one-day program that introduces children aged 9-11 to entrepreneurship and design thinking. During this day,

participants work in teams, learn how to turn problems into business opportunities and create change in their regions. The purpose of this program is on the one hand, to raise awareness about entrepreneurship in the regions with children and to learn how to seize the wealth of the city to create a profitable business which contributes to economic development in the region, on the other hand , develop children's interpersonal skills including teamwork, critical thinking and public speaking.

Impacted Communities

  • This program reached 24 cities in Tunisia and impacted 576 children.

Why Your Donation is Important

Your gift to Youth Hub helps us ensure that the right to quality education is honored for ALL children in tunisia. We focus our work on supporting education leaders and practitioners around the country by developing and amplifying innovative solutions to education challenges.

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