About us

Youth Hub is an entrepreneurship and design hub for kids aged between 6 and 18 years old where we offer the tools and the space to help youth unleash their creative and create innovative ideas to solve social problems in their communities.

Applying a practical and immersive approach, we offer youth a unique experience that aims to develop their skills development, help them follow their passions and support them to build actively tommorow’s world.

Preparing Our Future Leaders


Understand social problems and build a vision of a better world.


Build, test and improve their ideas continuously.


Create social change and make a better community.

Where We Stand

Youth Hub Club
Field Trips

Why Is It Important

There is a huge gap between the skill sets needed in the 21st century job market and the ones developed by today’s formal educational system.

That’s why we established unique complementary programs that aims to bridge this gap by offering to youth the opportunity to develop their abilities and skills without any pressure or limits.

Through solving local problems and launching social businesses, we help youth unleash their entrepreneurial and leadership potential and the next generation of changemakers.

Our Programs

We offer different programs that takes youth into the entrepreneurship world

Kickstart Bootcamp

Develop crazy ideas for a better world in just 3 days!
Introduction to entrepreneurship and design thinking bootcamp.
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Youth Hub Club

Follow world-class entrepreneurs' steps and test your ideas in the real market!
Mastering social entrepreneurship concepts and ideas test techniques during 32-session propgram.
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Field Trips

Live an immersive experience in the most promising startups!
Discover amazing startups and meet inspiring entrepreneurs in their offices!
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Meet Our Team

Salsabil Thabti

Salsabil Thabti

Salsabil is a world citizen, social activist and passionate entrepreneur who is committed to revolutionize education and make it more efficient in building tomorrow’s leaders
Achref Mattar

Achref Mattar

Achref is a former partnership manager in a pre-seed accelerator. He is committed to making this world a better and fairer place through social entrepreneurship.

Our Latest Media

Meet our Youth Hubers

Emilia Clarke
“During Youth Hub programs, I learnt how to convince people with my vision and ideas to make cinema accessible everywhere.”
Emilia Clarke
“Youth Hub helped me understand that there is no age to be a changemaker and start making a positive impact in the world.”
Emilia Clarke
"Thanks to Youth Hub, I gained more confidence in myself and learnt how to express my ideas to my friends clearly.”